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Theatre Du Jour Dinner Theatre "Hot Gold"
Sunday, 01 October 2017,  1:00 -  4:30

hot gold dinner theatre

"Hot Gold" an original play by Dr. Michael S. Nupuf and Laura B. Lowrie (presented with special arrangements by
Theatre Du Jour) comes to the port city this September!

Adapted from the book "Hot Gold" by Steve Abbott and Dr. John Fountain . The show, the third in the trilogy - of Detective LaFleur mysteries,will be presented in a dinner theatre format and will benefit the Maritime Museum - Stewards of the Oswego lighthouse.

For those who saw "Death in the O.R." and "Firesign", you know you are in for a treat with another Det. LaFleur case to be solved!

Oswego and Det. A.C. LaFleur are once again in the news. With them, are some familiar characters such as Father Tommy, Dr. Fuentes, the Stranger and Maggie Malone who has married LaFleur. Maggie and A.C. are approaching their first anniversary of wedded bliss.

At the opening of the play, A.C. and his buddies are at their weekly card game in A.C. and Maggie's Pub "The 1850 House". They are joined by two new Oswegonians, Armand Broussard, who is a transplanted Jewish French Canadian Jeweler and Mohammed Razor, a Muslim professor newly appointed to head of the Business and Economics department at SUNY Oswego. With Catholic Father Tommy added to the mix, there are three diverse cultures congenially enjoying their weekly card game and each other on a typical evening. There is also a surprise visitor from past AC La Fleur adventures.

Our super sleuth suspects that Armand's death might be due to more than " natural causes ", and that
there is something much more nefarious afoot.
Come see the show and find out if Det. LaFleur's super sleuthing sense is working up to par, or is he seeing evil plots where none exist.

The all-star local cast includes Mark Cole, Beverly Brinster Murtha, Tammy Wilkinson, Michael S. Nupuf, Wayne Mosher, Bobby Fontana, Richard Mosher, Zach Demott, Susanna Estrella-Demott, Michael Bolio, Patrick Carman, Stephanie Johnson, Steve Standish, Michael Moss. Directed by Laura B. Lowrie.

Show dates are Saturday evening, September 30th ($65) with a special matinee showing on Sunday, October 1st at 2pm ($55) at the American Foundry in Oswego.

Evening offering - 6:30 cocktails / 7pm Dinner / 8pm Show
Matinee offering 2pm brunch / 3pm show

Tickets are available at the H Lee White Marine Museum and online at For more information call Producer, Tammy Wilkinson at (518) 253-6930.

Location : The American Foundry, 171 West Seneca St., Oswego