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Entering Their World-Living with Dementia the Easy Way Workshop
Wednesday, 01 November 2017,  5:30 -  6:30

st francis

This informatiove workshop is for family members, loved ones, or caregivers who are on the journey of a Dementia diagnosis with a loved one. The one-hour program will focus on approaches that can help make the journey easier on everyone involved. Interventions, conversation tips, and “do’s and don’ts”, will be presented by Julie Chetney, Director of St Francis and Kelley Greene, Case Manager.
Learn about the strategies that have proven to be effective from the professionals in Oswego County’s only dedicated special care residential program that served individuals with a dementia-related illness like Alzheimer’s disease. No reservations are necessary to attend the workshop. For more information, contact St. Francis Commons at 315-326-0870. Email to

Location : St.Francis Commons at St. Lukes, Oswego