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Elim Grace Saturday Evening Service
Saturday, 01 May 2021,  4:00 -  5:15

little rocket

Join us to worship the Lord Jesus in spirit and in truth! It is our deep desire that your first visit to Elim Grace is positive, encouraging, and welcoming. To that end, we’d like to give you a quick summary of what you may expect when you stop by. If you have more questions or would simply like to let us know you’re coming, shoot us an email at or give us a call at 315-342-3585.

The Worship: The people of Elim Grace are of all ages with differing styles and tastes in music which we consider to be a good thing! As a result, the songs we incorporate into our services range from contemporary to original to hymns. During this time you are welcome to participate in whatever way you prefer, whether by standing, clapping and singing or by sitting and reflecting. So make yourself comfortable and at home!

Elim Kids: We love to see families worshiping together. That’s why we encourage children to join the adults in the main service until the worship portion of the service is over. At that time, we will release the children (& their parents) to make their way to their respective, age appropriate kids programs. To learn more about our children’s ministry, visit our Elim Kids page.

Prayer, Offering & Announcements: Each Sunday we take a few moments to share some announcements about upcoming events and receive an offering by distributing baskets down each aisle. We encourage you to feel no obligation to give and simply take note of any upcoming activities our church is offering which you might be interested in participating in. Additionally, we encourage the whole congregation to take about 5 minutes out of the service to gather in small groups and pray for one another. As in the worship time, you are welcome to participate however you prefer. Although many in the room will gather in small groups during this time, some still prefer to remain in their seat to pray or reflect by themselves.

The Message: The final element in our Sunday service is the message. We will occasionally provide notes for you when you arrive. Our messages are broken up into 3 or 4 part series, and our intended to speak to where you are and point you to where Jesus is. Immediately following the message there is an opportunity for anybody who would like personal prayer.

Location : Elim Grace Church 340 W. First Street Oswego N.Y.