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Magic Tree House #47: A Perfect Time for Pandas

Magic Tree House #47: A Perfect Time for Pandas by Mary Pope Osborne

A good book I read a couple of weeks ago was called Magic Tree House #47, A Perfect Time
for Pandas. In this book you will experience what it is like to go somewhere miles away and try
to save the animals in their habitat. The author also adds two kids named Jack and Anne to go
to a magic tree house that gives them the ability to travel anywhere even back in time. To do
that, they point to a book's cover and say I wish I could go there and they go to the tree nearest
to what it was like on the cover. When Jack and Anne get to China's rainforest they have to
save the pandas and all the other animals that live there. They get sent here by a magical
librarian named Morgan. Morgen sends them on many missions such as in the Amazon
rainforest and a castle with knights. The author's name is Mary Pope Osborne. Mary Pope
Osborne has well over 100 magic treehouse books that are all good in their own ways. The first
one you should read is #1 Dawn of The Dinosaurs, this is when Jack and Anne don’t even know
who Morgen is. I hope you have some time to sit down and enjoy this awesome book.

Reviewed by Josh Jones


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

Harry is with his aunt and uncle. Harry’s aunt and uncle are having someone named Petunia
over, and Harry has to sit in his room the whole time. When Harry is in his room a house elf
comes into his room named Dobby. Dobby makes a lot of noise and Harry is punished. Harry's
punishment was he had to be locked in his room away from Hogwarts. His friend Ron found him
and saved him. He stayed at Ron’s house before leaving to go to Hogwarts, the school for
wizards. The book only gets better from there when Harry gets  to Hogwarts and has many

Reviewed by Jake Jones



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