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Dr. Nikki Titman's Guide to Simple De-Stress (Part 1 of 6)

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Dr. Nikki Titman's Guide to Simple De-Stress (Part 1 of 6) Submitted photo

Do you ever feel like your brain is an internet browser with too many tabs open? I don't know about you, but I FEEL that on all sorts of levels.

Especially with how crazy the world Is today. And, if you're like the average person, the task at the bottom of the list- the "tab" that gets buried to the far right- is YOU. You know self-care should be a priority, but with the stress of this school year, combined with all other responsibilities, other needs always seem to come before your own. It feels like you're running a race with a finish line that doesn't exist. You deserve better than to be a hostage to the chaos!

Here is part 1 of 6 steps (we will publish them every Monday) to feel a whole lot better about yourself every day, and brought to you by iHeartOswego family member, Dr. Nikki Titman at Canalview Chiropractic.


The Physical


Your momma always told you, "Sit up straight and put your shoulders back!" She was so smart ;) Bottom line, improving your posture is essential for improving your health.

Step #1

Being aware of your posture whether it be at work or at home is the key first step! Whether sitting or standing- are your ears over your shoulders and in line with your hips and ankles? If you drew a straight line down, would it hit each of those landmarks? (Hint; Have a friend or partner take a photo of your neutral posture and take a peek!)

When sitting at a desk, have you maximized your positioning? Are your feet flat on the floor? Is your computer monitor at eye-level? Is your keyboard close enough to your body to keep your elbows tucked close to your sides? Are your wrists in a neutral position? So many of us live our lives in front of a computer, especially these days- so these seemingly little things can make a BIG difference! If you know desk posture is your enemy, try setting an alarm on your outlook calendar or phone for every 40 minutes. Get up, stretch, and take a quick lap around your work station. A few quick neck, lower back, and pec stretches and you can get back to work!


We know this is not new news to you: excercise is vital to your overall health. We completely understand at times it can feel daunting to know where to start (OR, just making time to start at all ;) We have been there ourselves, and we know that making the time to start even with 15-20 minutes is so much better than never starting at all!

Part 2 next Monday, 9/21/20.

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