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Introducing Xtreme Cheer of Oswego County

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Introducing Xtreme Cheer of Oswego County Submitted photo

The following is a letter from Amber Uzailko-Raymond, owner and a coach for Xtreme Cheer of Oswego County:

Good evening. Let me introduce myself. My name is Amber Uzailko-Raymond, and I am company owner and one of the coaches for Xtreme Cheer of Oswego County. I was wondering if you could post something in the amazing accomplishments that my 2 competitive cheer teams have accomplished all through Covid. We are Oswego Counties fastest growing Non-Profit Competition Cheer Company!

Here is a little bit of a background on us. I come from a pop warner background and back in 2020 when COVID had its highest numbers and I was running a small Pop Warner Cheer Clinic at that time we would joke about starting our own company that we could better serve our community, not just ours but surrounding towns too. Our jokes turned into reality when a bunch of our parents came up to us and said you really need to start this and give these kids a lot more than what they are getting right now. So, from there I started to file everything to start our own company and started to build relationships with our community with doing mini fundraisers to help us kick off. We started a cheer camp which had over 50 kids from ages 3-18 that attended. We kept it outside so that we could abide by the Covid guidelines. When we had 50 kids show up from all over the county and from other counties, I was in complete shock that word travels fast. I was beyond excited with this.

Moving forward we started our half year teams in January, many kids from different back grounds, different towns, personalities we put together on our Youth Glitter Bombs and Senior Black Ops team. We brought in coaches that were with us through many years who are all volunteer and we started with the basics in cheerleading, and we had many up and downs, but we kept on pushing through all the constant covid changes and learning everyone. This season was a big adjustment from doing in person competitions and searching for places to do them. But with a massive thank you to our sponsors Mark and Nikki of Hunter Contruction, Alice and Justin of All Wheel Auto and Rob from Core Athletics we were able to practice and record for our competitions. We cannot thank you guys enough for giving us a chance and allowing us to use your facilities.

Through all this crazy COVID and going from Virtual Comps to In Person back to Virtual then back to In Person, both teams pulled off many first place finishes and some of the seasons best scores. Even though we compete to become 1st "winners" our main goal was to walk on that mat as a team and walk off the mat as a team. And by the second in person competition, I knew they had it. They had that family bond we've wanted all season long. I am beyond happy for all these amazing cheerleaders, they really did amazing for a first-year company. We are very excited for season 2.

Many people asked me why I left Mexico Pop Warner after 8 years, and the only thing I can say is that I did it because I wanted more. When the world shut down these kids had nothing, and they needed something in their lives. It was always my dream to start a program that was affordable for families in this area. Lots of kids want to do cheer but the only thing around was All Star teams and or Pop Warner teams but with Covid Pop Warner stopped and the second I saw All Star teams start up I knew this was my chance to get my program started. I created it for many reasons, I did it for these kids that I have had for years, I did it for the new kids, I did it for the community and 2 of the most important things about this is I did it for everyone because we are the true definition of family. If only everyone knew what we've been through, everyone would understand why all of us not just half of us BUT ALL of us have become one big happy family and it always brings a tear to my eye and last you know that we all love to be there because every single one of us are Volunteers. We Volunteer all of our time to be there :) And it's the most amazing feeling ever.

We have a Summer Clinic coming up that will run from June to July on $40 for the entire session! A mini performance at the end and everyone gets a bow! For more information reach out to and or 315-591-1275 and ask for Amber.

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