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Major Surprises Expected for Grucci Fireworks July 25th Performance

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Major Surprises Expected for Grucci Fireworks July 25th Performance Robert Clark photo

The world-renowned Fireworks by Grucci, sponsored once again by Entergy Nuclear, will help spotlight the fantastic cultural and recreational opportunities to be found in the City of Oswego and its waterfront, the County of Oswego, the Oswego River and the southeastern shore of Lake Ontario with a World-Class Fireworks performance this Saturday as a centerpiece of 28th annual Oswego Harborfest.

Oswego Harborfest promotes an increased public awareness of, and civic pride in, the unique history and geography Oswego and its surrounds. The festival will be held July 23-26.

The 22-minute World-Class fireworks performance, presented by Entergy Nuclear, will begin at 9:30 pm with primary spectator viewing at Brightbeck Park. Camera-ready highlights include:

At 6:05 in the performance, a scene of “Brite White” Magnesium Comets fired from a barge as well as from the break wall will illuminate the sky with enough luminosity to make the night seem like day. This powerful scene will be set to the song “Hallelujah” as performed by Rufus Wainwright.

Midway into the performance the Gruccis will display a cutting- edge 1,000' wide by 500' high “USA” in red, white, and blue colors across the sky over the Oswego break wall. This tremendous scene will appear twice at 15:14 and 15:20 at the conclusion of the song “I am a Patriot”. This scene is created using patented Grucci Pixelburst-tm technology. Each PixelBurst- is outfitted with a small microchip that when initiated allows precise millisecond timing to control the height of a burst.

As a prelude to the renowned Grucci Grand Finale approximately 20:27 into the performance, the Gruccis will pay tribute to all of the volunteers who tirelessly make Harborfest a yearly success with a signature scene of the exclusive Grucci Gold Flitter Split Comets. The Gold Flitter Split Comet is an Aerial Shell, originally conceived and developed by the late James Grucci, displays 600’ in the sky and extends a series of glittering gold comets that create a descending pattern and, after 6 seconds of flight, split into a milky way of gold glitter. This incredibly elegant effect is a crescendo to the bold, dynamic color and bombardment of a Grucci Grand Finale. This scene is set to the song: Hall Of Fame by Will I Am.

Custom Entergy Logo Pattern Shells in red and white set to the song “Bang, Bang” by Jessie J, ArianaGrande & Nicki Minage will be displayed at approximately 21:00 in the performance over the Oswego harbor as the first scene of the Grand Finale.

The PixelBurst-tm, Brite White Magnesium Comets, Entergy Pattern Shells and Grucci Gold Flitter Split Comets as well as others in this State-of-theArt performance have all been designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA in the Grucci’s upstate New York factory and Virginia manufacturing plant.

Classic Rock TK99 and 105.5 FM will simulcast music.

For those who can see the show from the surrounding area but cannot hear the music score, Fireworks by Grucci is providing a new, free mobile app for IPhones and Android devices that allows spectators to experience of real-time synchronized fireworks music. The app is currently available as a free download from both the IPhone app store and the Google Play store for Androids.

“Fireworks are synonymous with pride and celebration,” said Phil Grucci, President and Creative Director of Fireworks by Grucci. “We want our performance to honor and reflect Oswego’s natural beauty, history, and cultural value, so expect a stunning show.”

Additional event information is available at


Additional event information is

Fun Facts

Show Design and Choreography: Phil Grucci

Producer: Christopher Carlino

Chief Pyrotechnician: William Crucilla

Number of days to install: 4

Number of hours to choreograph: 22

Number of Pyrotechnicians: 12

Number of man hours to set-up: 576

Largest firing Aerial Shell: 10 inch

Music: A mix of family friendly music from yesterday and today. Selections will feature some of your favorite artists including The Beatles, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Carol King, Usher, Brad Paisley, Jessie J and much more.

About Fireworks by Grucci:

Holders of two Guinness World Records, Fireworks by Grucci is a sixth-generation, family-owned and operated company. Known as "America's First Family of Fireworks," the Gruccis have transformed the night skies to the delight of millions across the globe since 1850. They are world-renowned for their pyrotechnic artistry, scientific innovation, and old-fashioned values. The Grucci’s gained the title for the world’s “largest pyrotechnic image” at the Star Spangled Spectacular celebration in honor of the 200th Anniversary of America’s National Anthem. The 600 foot high by 900 foot wide American Pyrotechnic flag was illuminated over Fort McHenry, in Baltimore, Maryland. Fireworks by Grucci remains the top choice for extraordinary performances in and around the world including; Las Vegas, NV., seven consecutive U.S. Presidential Inaugurations; the Olympic Games in Beijing, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles and Lake Placid; commemorations such as the Centennial of the Statue of Liberty and star-studded extravaganzas including the grand opening of the Atlantis Dubai and the Palm Jumeirah Island in the United Arab Emirates. On New Year’s Eve 2013, a stunning performance displaying 479,651 fireworks made its debut above Dubai’s iconic skyline. The Gruccis achieved their “Largest Fireworks Display” title and smashed the Guinness Book of World Record’s preceding mark. Phil Grucci currently serves as President/CEO – Creative of Fireworks by Grucci, Inc. and Pyrotechnique by Grucci, Inc., the manufacturing entity of the Grucci group of companies.

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